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Providing recording, educational, business and musical services for the songwriter, artist, and musician in all of us...Because Life Without Music Would Be A Mistake!

How To Book Studio Time

When you’re ready to schedule your recording session or to send in your mail-in demo, please call us at 1-800-488-MUSIC or e-mail us at studios@azaleamusic.com to check our availability. Sometimes we can do a session on a moment’s notice but many times we’re booked solid for two months or more in advance!

For our mail-in clients, once we have verified the time frame, you may send in your work tape(s), lyric sheet(s), and check. If you have charts for your song(s), please include them as well. If you don’t, never fear...we’ll more than likely be able to provide them for you...although it could take more time to do this. If you’re in a hurry, the more information you can provide us, the better.

For our hourly clients, once we’ve agreed upon a recording/session date, you can begin to contact session musicians, if appropriate. If you’re using our “house band” for your demo session, you’ll want to send a work tape, lyric sheet(s), and chart(s) ahead of time, if possible. This will save you time and money during your session. Payment is due by check or cash at the end of each day’s session.

Need help finding great players for your demos and CD projects? We can provide you with names of top-notch players for most instruments.


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